How to Select an Oven Cleaning Company

If you’re reading this article you’ve probably made the decision to hire an oven cleaning company.

This is the preferred option for most people, rather than cleaning their own oven which can be messy and even hazardous if you don’t use the correct protective equipment.

Your oven may be covered in oil and grit, or you may be looking to sell or rent out your house. Whatever your reason may be, it is important that you engage an experienced and trustworthy oven cleaning company.

Oven Cleaning Company

What Can Happen if You Engage the Wrong Oven Cleaning Company?

If you happen to select the wrong company to clean your oven –

  • You may pay too much money
  • Your oven may not be cleaned properly
  • You may not be able to use the oven for several days after cleaning
  • The surrounding area may not be properly protected and damaged by the cleaning products
  • In extreme cases, your oven may be damaged

How Do I Select the Correct Oven Cleaning Company

There are several factors that can help you to find the correct company and avoid the issues listed above –

Review the Companies Online Reputation

Search on Google and Facebook for the company and check to see if they have any customer reviews. This is a great way to ascertain if the oven cleaning company is reputable and trustworthy. However, try to focus on companies with more than just 1 or 2 reviews, which can sometimes be fake (from staff members, friends, family etc.) In other words, the more reviews the better…

Furthermore, you can give them a call to gauge their level of customer service. Are they friendly and willing to give free expert advice? If so, it’s likely that they will provide a professional service.

Check Their Credentials

Does the company or individual have extensive training and several years or experience cleaning ovens? This should again be evident from checking their website or Facebook profile. If not, just ask them… Although keep this in mind, experience and qualifications doesn’t always translate to great service.

Another quick tip – make sure the company is fully insured to cover any risks.

What Cleaning Products & Chemical Do They Use?

Some oven cleaning companies elect to use cheap and inferior cleaning products which can potentially damage the enamal surface on your oven. Make sure they non-caustic cleaning products that are safe and aroma-free. Make sure that you can also use your oven immediately after it has been cleaned.

Do They Clean Your Particular Oven?

Ask the company or individual if they clean your particular brand or type of oven. Is it a Bosch, Smeg, Electrolux or another brand? Is it a self-cleaning oven or a commercial style oven? These are simple questions you can ask to avoid any issues prior to them arriving.

Will They Protect the Nearby Floor & Surrounding Area?

Any reputable oven cleaning company will cover and protect the nearby area to ensure that there is no damage to your floor, bench tops and sinks.

Want to Learn More?

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